The Spirit of Chocolate

Yours is a life of good spirit. Ours is the sweetest imaginable. That we have not been properly paired earlier is a pity for the worlds of whiskey and chocolate alike.

In the name of delectable done right, Xoxolat has handcrafted the final course in perfect pairing for the fine spirit distillers of the world. For the love of whiskies, we are pleased to introduce The Spirit of Chocolate, a specially-selected line of two single source and ethically produced dark chocolates and one deep, rich milk blend. 

4 Chocolate Bars to Pair With Your Favourite Spirits

Dominican Republic – Citrus entry notes followed by earthy cacao, hints of nuts with a sharp finish. 73% dark.

Papua, NewGuinea – Well rounded cacao notes throughout, leather back notes, lasting finish. 60% dark.

Coming soon to distilleries and tasting rooms around North America.

For more information, please contact:
Hodie Rondeau
Phone: 1-604-733-2462
Fax: 1-866-795-8416

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