We’re moving to Digital…

Until July 24th find us at 1271 Homer
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We’re moving to Digital

To our dear Xoxolat friends and partners,

We have some great news! As of July 24th, we’re going to be taking the business entirely online! We will focus on doing even more of what we already love: creating and curating some of the best and most unique chocolate in the world for you!

Don’t worry – you’ll be able to call, email or online to get chocolate sent right to you as easily as ordering delivery through our online delivery partnership. Imagine, chocolate wherever you want it! And of course, we can send our goodies to you anywhere.

Plus, you’ll still get to see and talk to us at tastings – please stop by our website to see the schedule (and don’t forget to follow our social media.(http://twitter.com/xoxolat)

We’re so excited for all that this will enable us to do! You’re cordially invited to join our new Facebook group to keep up with the conversation–go ahead, ask anything about chocolate, we love to talk about it! (xoxo@xoxolat.com)

And we’ll still have the things you love – the same selection, plus AWESOME new offerings.

Also, we’re going to be putting some time into one of our related passions. We’ve always loved how chocolate soothes, heals, calms, and brings peace and happiness. That said, I am getting involved in advocating for medical cannabis as safe, reliable, and effective for all of those areas. Want to talk more about it? Drop me a line! (info@verocorp.com)

With the all-online format, we’ll be able to spend our time focusing on bringing you the joyous chocolate experiences you deserve. We’re so excited for this! It’s an amazing new journey, and we’re glad to have you with us! Feel free to send us feedback…  (xoxo@xoxolat.com)

Do you have feedback on partner ideas? pop-ups? parties/events? Let’s hear it! (info@xoxolat.com)


Hodie & the Xoxolat Team

This is XOXOLAT – for the love of chocolate!

For the consummate foodie, the ravenous and indiscriminate chocolate lover, or the chocolate pupil wanting to know, discover and taste what all the buzz is about around good chocolate:



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