We bring in junk-free, fairly-traded chocolate from around the world and believe that chocolate goes with everything!

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Single Origin Artisan Lines

It’s no longer what country your chocolate comes from, it’s what company is making it. Each of these imported lines offers unique, real chocolate for us all to treasure.

  • Amano – USA Tucked away in Orem, Utah, Amano is taking the chocolate world by storm.
  • amedei9Amedei – Italy ‘9’, Chuao, and Porcelana, to name a few, Amedei set out to be one of the top rated chocolate bars in the world…and they are.
  • AskinosieAskinosie – USA Driven by a desire to improve the world one chocolate at a time, Shawn Askinosie has built his small-batch chocolate factory on the concept of knowing the people behind the raw materials used to make his specialty products.
  • Bonnat – France This old world maker offers some of the finest bars available. The 65% Milk Chocolate is divine!
  • Dick Taylor – USA Adam Dick & Dustin Taylor work out of their factory in Arcata CA, using only organic beans in their hand crafted chocolate.
  • Fresco – USA This engineer turned chocolatier uses some of the best beans, and varied roasting and conching times to create his wonderful line. They make only pure, dark chocolate – all of their barfrescos are dairy free, nut free, soy free and gluten free. Only three ingredients ever enter their factory and chocolate: cocoa beans, cane sugar and cocoa butter.
  • Madécasse – Madagascar A favourite of our ‘born & raised in’ lines, Madécasse is a tree-to-bean-to-bar from Madagascar. Working with the local farmers to develop the local economy, while producing great chocolate, is a winning strategy for us all.
  • Marou – Vietnam Marou are the first single-origin, handmade, chocolate makers to produce absolutely fantastic chocolate made from cacao grown in Vietnam. Shockingly good!
  • Michel Cluizel – France Supplying real chocolate to the best chocolatiers & pastry chefs around the world, the second generation chocolatier is carrying on the fine tradition.
  • Original Beans – Switzerland Taste some of the world’s rarest cacaos and protect the rainforests they thrive in for future generations. Track their replanting program through ONE BAR : ONE TREE!
  • Pralus – France With 18 different single origin bars in their line, Francois Pralus brings a whole new level of passion to the art of chocolate making. The Pralus Le 100% is a best seller here.
  • raakaRaaka – USA  Raaka delivers flavors you simply can’t find in other chocolates because they don’t roast their beans and they make every batch by hand in their Brooklyn factory. Nibs aged in a bourbon cask make a unique & flavourful bar!

  • Ritual – USA  After conching, they let their chocolate rest for a minimum of three weeks (often times much longer) to allow the flavor to balance and mature.

  • Sirene – Canada  Sirene will likely become Canada’s No.1 chocolate maker, sourcing rich, deep chocolaty Ecuadorean beans and fruity, citrus, raspberry-toned Madagascar beans. Beautiful, delicious, luxurious. The universe is unfolding.

Inside the Cacao Pod

Locally-made XOXOLAT Bars: Dark Chocolate:

          • Lavender
          • WestCoast Breakfast – Maple-Caramelized Bacon
          • BTO – Bacon, Tomato, Olive
          • Cardamom Creme Brulee
          • Sea Salt & Triple Peppercorns
          • Sea Salt & Nibs
          • Tortilla Chips & Lime
          • Chili Chocolate
          • Chili x2
          • Chili x5
          • Sour Cherry & Chili
          • Cardamom, Pepper & Nibs
          • Classic Double Dark
          • Deep Milk Chocolate
          • Westcoast Breakfast (maple caramelized bacon with a touch of espresso)
          • Masala Chai
          • Classic Deep Milk
          • Earl Grey Tea

Keep an eye out for new creations seasonally! Also in the shop: XOXOLAT Barks, Pochons (puddles of chocolate), Truffles, Pralines, and Caramels

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