Chocolate Shoes!

What to do with a Chocolate Shoe…

This will be the one shoe you will WANT to DRINK from! Pair up (pun intended!) with a champagne or prosecco… on to a nice red wine… finish with a fine whiskey!
The order in which you eat your shoe can be as imaginative as you can be: We suggest the back first … and then the sides – there’s nothing like a sexy mule to slip on delicate feet – then the toe… soon it’s a heeled flip flop… then a flat… then, well…
Note to be careful if in a group of friends: your shoe may be stolen, as the first bite is the most important!

Yes, this combines two must-haves: Chocolate & Shoes!
From our small start with a few shoes, to events including Sex and the City 2 promotions, to Pret-a-Pour-Tea, to Illuminations Lunch for BCWomen’s Hospital Foundation, our shoes are evolving into a creative delight! They are 100% edible (except the feathers), using our milk, white, or dark chocolate.
Ranging from The Simple to The Painted to The Inspired & Red Carpets, each creation is hand crafted & unique.

Click here to see our Facebook gallery of past designs.

Prices range from $35 – $100+

We also accept custom requests. Come visit us or call the store with a design idea for that personal touch!






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